Mar 23, 2020

Surma Surma | Collaboration Vocals That Rock | Guru Randhawa | @GuruOfficial @JaySean

Jay Sean is featured artist on Guru Randhawa's latest super hit "Surma Surma".
How awesome is both artists together singing and it works. Jay Sean's RnB vocals are super awesome, and with Guru's unique Punjabi vocals, the song Surma Surma is Out of Control. It's crazy, and I have been listening to Punjabi since I discovered it, thru Guru Randhawa, with his song "Same Girl" he co-wrote with Arjun Artist. I am always looking for that special mix of vocals that collide together to make a great song. I have found plenty of artists that give such great productions. Some I have found and waiting for them to connect. Jay Sean I had never heard before, until one day I was listening to * Massari, I think way back in 2005, and I saw popup on Jay Sean, and said who is that? OMG it shows he sings RnB, fell in love with his music, but I never really heard him no where. I am in USA, and we listen to the radio, drive with the radio, and never heard him. Anyways last year 2019, I heard a song titled "Pitbull - Quiero Saber Feat. Prince Royce & Ludacris" 
and it was exactly what I was waiting to happen, a collaboration of vocals I had been waiting for and Mr. Pitbull brought that to me!! Oh how happy I was. Now a days more of this has happen since Maluma, J.Balvin, Cardi B, Kap G, Ozuna, and others have entered USA music movement.

*From earlier above  I had wrote I was listening to Massari, but like in 2018, he did a collab with Arabic Mohammed Assaf song titled "Roll With It" also an English and Arabic mix vocals, I went crazy right away. This is what I been searching for the last 9-to 10 years. 

I have a special spot in my heart for Guru Randhawa, his vocals and I can't wait until he sings a whole song in English.

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Feb 18, 2020

Surma Surma | Guru Randhawa | Jay Sean | Vocals Collaborate Excitement Worldwide | @GuruOfficial @JaySean

This past summer 2019, Jay Sean's oldie song from 2008 titled "Ride It" became a hit, again. I never even knew there was a Jay Sean in USA. I have been a RnB fan since forever,  I guess he was doing RnB infusion type music for UK and India pop.
Actually the first song I heard was when I was listening to Tamil songs from movies while looking for Massari's "Real Love", it was him and another artist singing "Real Love". I was so in love with Massari's vocals, I listened and posted his music everywhere I could. Somewhere I ran into Jay Sean's "Stolen" and I had no idea vocals like Jay's existed in UK, or Europe that had RnB vibes. Stolen was my first Jay Sean song I will forever carry in my heart. At that time, I started to find more and more outstanding RnB infused artists. These days there are several such artists that exist, in UK, Europe, Middle East and Canada. Yes Jay is an oldie, but he can still RnB for me anytime.
  So let me tell you about my fav artist "Guru Randhawa" and for most who follow my blogs, ya'll know almost all my blogs are about Guru Randhawa, plus a few others. Well guess what happened!!? Guru Randhawa somewhere in late December decided to collaborate his next song with Jay Sean. OMG how in the world was this going to happen. Guru does speak English but he does not sing English songs or even RnB.
Guru is very Bollywood, but he can write, compose and produce music. He has even produce a Bollywood movie. OMG you have no idea how crazy I been going. Guru has unique vocals, no one sounds like him, I don't even understand his songs most times, but I listen to his vocals, and I can understand him. I imagined him singing in English with his vocals and his songs reaching deep inside of USA. Anyhow Jay Sean show Guru how to sing in English and we shall love you forever. Guru's new song is called "Surma Surma" and with his vocals he's No.1 on the most viewed videos Worldwide now. (he left Bieber in the dust) LOL then with Jay Sean's RnB vocals, they are killing the girls hearts. I was lucky to listen to BBC out of UK where Jay Sean was being interviewed, but they were gonna play Guru and Jay's new song before it got released. How I thank DJ Bobby Friction, he really knows how to get you excited. I kept re-running it over and over, for hours. I tried finding a place to purchase the song, but it was not available yet in USA. Anyhow that song has been running all day today on Spotify and I just can't get enough of it, two outstanding vocals with my fav genre RnB, OMG, guys just watch the video and laugh and laugh at Jay's acting, and they were meant to be. I love them both so much, still haven't purchase the song, but I will go check in a while. Please enjoy both vocals, and that video is to die for. Sorry for the long blog, will write more later, or check out many of my blogs and social sites. Thank you to Guru and Jay for making my week.
Lets start here below.  Excuse all my mistakes. ❤❤

SURMA SURMA Song: Guru Randhawa Feat. Jay Sean | Larissa Bonesi, Vee, DirectorGifty | Bhushan Kumar Video

Jan 4, 2020

Back To Back Hits of Guru Randhawa | @GuruOfficial On YouTube

Yaari | By Guru Randhawa Featuring Vee | Happy New Year!

GURU RANDHAWA: Yaari (Happy New Yaar) Ft Vee | Director Gifty

This is such a cute sweet story line. You always hear about this type of friendships overseas than you do in USA, unless you're Bruno Mars.  

Have You Heard "Black" by Guru Randhawa?

Guru Randhawa: BLACK (Official Video) Bhushan Kumar | Bunty Bains, Davvy S, Preet S, Krishna M

Guru Randhawa Most Searched Male Personalities | #EntertainmentNews

Sep 15, 2019

OneRepublic - Somebody To Love (Lyric Video)

OneRepublic | Somebody To Love

Love this song so much- I was watching the show Songland when I saw Ryan just feel this song in his soul. Once it was completed I knew it would be perfect, so I purchased it and have not let go of it yet. Actually I have bought so much music lately. When my soul feels it, I buy it, no questions asked. 
Thank you also to OneRepublic for the beautiful way you played it at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre. I could still feel Ryan deep deep in his soul. 

Listen below to Somebody To Love

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All copyrights belong to OneRepublic and Music video by OneRepublic performing Somebody To Love (Lyric Video). © 2019 Mosley Music/Interscope Records

Sep 14, 2019

Leona Lewis | Cali Y El Dandee | Juan Magán - Solo Quiero (Somebody To Love) (From Songland)

Solo Quiero (Somebody To Love) (From Songland)
Leona Lewis, Cali Y El Dandee, Juan Magán

 Music video by Leona Lewis, Cali Y El Dandee, Juan Magán performing Solo Quiero (Somebody To Love) (Audio/Fronm Songland).
Rights belong to © 2019 Cabaletta Limited, Under Exclusive License To UMG Recordings Inc.

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Update on NEW Hairdo by Guru Randhawa | OMG!! | No No @GuruOfficial

Guru you are SO LUCKY I am NOT your Manager- I would have to say something about going out with that hairdo!! Just kidding with you....I think. OMG!!! LOL 🤦‍♀️😮🤯😱🤠❤ 
By the looks of it....maybe Mr. Vee had something to do with that!! OMG!!

NO!!! Guru!!! LOL 

Gajendra Verma - Milo Na Tum ft. Tina Ahuja - Official Music Video | @ivermagajendra

This recreation of Milo Na Tum will definitely make you hit the dance floor. Featuring Tina Ahuja, the song makes you revisit the 70s with a little twist and a lot of thrill.

Singer Composer Lyrics - Gajendra Verma
Feat - Tina Ahuja
Directed By - Aman Prajapat
Produced By - Hitendra Kapopara
Production House - Hitendra Kapopara Films (HKF)

Rights belong to all mention and Gajendra Verma

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Senorita x Zara Zara (Mashup by Aksh Baghla)

Senorita by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes and Zara Zara Hindi song mashup by Aksh Baghla.
Hey all!
Got so many requests for Senorita! While i was recording it one day, Zara Zara was playing on TV and i realised it went so well with Senorita so had to mashup both up! Likey?

Direct Link to Video-here

Just enjoy its nice sound.