Apr 29, 2019

Slowly Slowly by Guru Randhawa Ft. Pitbull About to Hit 100 Million Views | @GuruOfficial @Pitbull

Slowly Slowly by Guru Randhawa and Pitbull is beyond superhit! 
It is what I said it would be  
"Undeniably will be a powerful🌪 dynamic collaboration that will awaken the world forever."🙏🏼❤

Darn right I tweeted this several times and the fans of both Guru Randhawa and Pitbull have not stop enjoying the music, and they are dancing all the way to Miami. Oh yes they are!! They have helped us get so far as of now 93 Million views on "Slowly Slowly". It is still traveling all over the world as more and more fans keep sharing. Pitbull is on USA promo for his addition to a new movie that opens up on Friday, titled "Ugly Dolls". Well and Guru Randhawa is gearing up to be ready for a 15 city Tour in India. There is so much excitement between both artists. 

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Nov 27, 2018

Tere Te | #NewSongAlert by Guru Randhawa | Ft. Ikka | Vee | @GuruOfficial

Guru Randhawa | TERE TE ft. Ikka | Bhushan Kumar | Zaara Y | DirectoryGifty | Vee Abhijit V | T-Series

Singer - Guru Randhawa
Rap - Ikka
Lyrics- Ikka
Music - Vee
Additional Music - Abhijit Vaghani
Video - Directgifty

Mix & Master - Aftab Khan (Headroom Studios)

Purchase Tere Te by Guru Randhawa on iTunes | Here

Guru Randhawa and dance choreographer on set of Tere Te. 

Nov 23, 2018

Guru Randhawa | Back To Back Hits | Next Is Miami Music Video with Mr. Worldwide @PitBull | @GuruOfficial | #Entertainment News

Back to Back Hits keep coming from Guru Randhawa. Every song 
he puts out generates millions of views and even millions of fans. I am from USA and though not everyone is interested in International Music, I am, but more in-tune with his vocals. If you really listen to his live concert shows, which Guru posts  on Guru's You Tube page | here you can hear his vocals. From the time Arjun told us about Guru and him doing a duet song titled Same Girl, I know I had to listen to this new artist from India. He sang in Punjabi, but you could still hear his vocals. He has great quality sound in his tone. That's what grabbed me about him. It was 2012, and with his brother's and Guru's permission I started the first Fan Support on Facebook. It turned out someone stole Guru's Fan Page. Who knew this would happened. So I continued supporting Guru from Twitter, Instagram, and eventually all my Blogs and other websites were bombarded with Guru Fan Support Updates. My idea was to get USA to know this young vocalist and get his name out there. I am never done with Guru Updates and support. All of my sites have regular Guru Fans that come by daily, its "OUT OF CONTROL" at times!!
You must listen to all of Guru's music to feel his vocals. From music to TV to modeling to Concerts to Commercials, its non ending. Now he is about to BREAK the BANK as he embarks on another level. He has recorded a song with Grammy award winning Cuban American rapper artist PitBull, also known as Armando. Pitbull once told us that in his earlier life, his mom, aunt and grandmother built me. [Strong women] save this info for another time.  
 New song title is "Slowly Slowly" and it was shot in Miami. Welcome to USA, Guru Randhawa, we been waiting patiently for your entry.

The new song and video titled "Slowly Slowly" will be out in 2019. So be ready to break the bank with views. Welcome Mr. Worldwide to India. The Guru Fan Support Team is on standby to share your duet with Mr. Pitbull and your next single Guru. #Dale .

For those fans of Guru Randhawa who don't remember Enrique's and Pitbull's latest song [he also has a stream of Back to Back Hits too] Listen below..👇 
Watch Out Guru- Mr. Worldwide going to make you "Move To Miami"😜

and our Guru 👇

Kap G - A Day Without A Mexican [Music Video] | @TheRealKapG

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Download New Song here

New single "A Day Without A Mexican" out now!
Download/stream: http://kapg.lnk.to/ADWAMID
Director — RJ Sanchez
Production Company — Snow Beach
Executive Producer — Matt Zolly
Producer — Ryland Burns
Cinematographer — Drew Bienemann
Stylists — Chenelle and Chloe Delgadillo
Casting — Jonny Buckley
Art Director— Kyle Vannoy
1st AD — Parker McMillin
Coordinator — Christo Arsenio
Editor — RJ Sanchez
Colorist — Matt Osborne

Special Thanks —  Alex Bittan, Brian Dackowski, Kawan Prather, Juan Ramirez, Kelsey Hack, Fotokem, Matt Osborne, and Erin Randol

Oct 31, 2018

Guru Randhawa | @GuruOfficial | #Downtown | 48 Million! | Bhushan Kumar | DirectorGifty | Vee | Delbar Arya

Guru Randhawa | @GuruOfficial  |  #Downtown  | 48 Million! | Bhushan Kumar | 

DirectorGifty | Vee  | Delbar Arya - R U ready for a 50 Million #Superhit ? 💗

This song can be bought at: Downtown on iTunes | Click here