Sep 22, 2013

Bohemia on Photo-Video Shoot For Dada

BOHEMIA showing up the camera's. 
Photo-video shoot for his latest new single song "Dada"
in BAHRAIN aka " Raja the Punjabi Rapper".

In Manama/ Bahrain styling the "High Life" by photographer Yasir.  

Are you ready for his latest song? Hoping its out soon. 

Sep 18, 2013

Dear Sony Music from The Punjabi Rapper Bohemia

Dear Sony Music from Bohemia

Kamal Raja LIVE IN Lahore - Pakistan

Kamal Raja LIVE IN Lahore ON THIS FRIDAY !!!!
❖Featuring :- RoXeN The Band  ⇒ Ticket :- 500
⇒ Venue :- Al-Hamra Cultural Complex
Live in Lahore :- *20th Sep 2013 : 6 PM*
Official Promoter : #HyreDada 92 3433339988

Well its my Birthday on Friday. 
My heart will be with Kamal in Lahore.
Where he will have a beautiful concert surrounded by massive fans and girls. 
How sad for me....but I do wish him the 
Happy Birthday "Me" 

I just received a Birthday Tweet.
Let me go die now....OMG.

My Favorite Moment of Bohemia and Roc Walla Working Beatz

‎Beparwah‬ Most ‪Controversial‬ - Disputed‬ ‎Bohemia‬ Video vs ‎Sony Music‬ Now Historical

Kamal Raja LIVE IN Lahore Friday-Sept.20th

Sep 17, 2013

Bohemia Quote

I am sticking to my name, 
I'm Bohemia 
I don't think, 
I don't follow any path
I don't even follow my own path....


Quote from Bohemia and Nihal Interview below.

Sony Music's Politically Incorrect Timing on Beparwah

To Sony: Bohemia Fans are angry, cause you made Bohemia angry. 
[You Released his Music Video Beparwah 2 years late.] 
This is so unprofessional for a Brand company. 
What kind of Industry is this for, M$leys? Can we get an apology from Sony Music?
I've bought and buy Sony Music, products, gadgets, etc. cause I thought you were the BEST.
Bohemia is a Artist of Music, Genre, Heart, Composer, Lyricist, Skill, Emotion, and Character. Where is your character at? 

Hold my hand Sony-let me show you my playlists, music and products bought, let me show you where the Fans hearts and souls live.
They are not OUTCASTS!! They are BUYERS too. 
Over aLL your Artists, he has REAL FANS. [[Not paid people who push the REPLAY buttons for view numbers.] 
I will no longer BUY or recommend SONY anything, until you apologize to Bohemia and fans for your politically incorrect timing. 

Song -- Beparwah
Artists -- Bohemia, Devika

Music -- Prince Saheb 
Lyrics -- Bohemia

Sony Music Finally Releases Bohemia's Beparwah After 2 Years?

Sep 14, 2013

Bohemia Enjoying a Quiet Moment

Reminder- Beparwah New Video by Bohemia Sept.16th.

Reminder of #Beparwah Bohemia's New Video Releasing Sept.16th.

#Bohemia #Beparwah #Release #Party ◄▬▬ Almost time

#Bohemia #Beparwah #Release #Party ◄▬▬ Almost time https://ww... on Twitpic

Beparwah Premiere Online Party Event for #Bohemia

Sep 8, 2013

Bohemia Shooting Video in Bahrain

Arriving our Friday his Saturday in Bahrain 
Getting the Team together for the shoot
and finally today he heads out to an
undisclosed place to shoot his 
I am sure it will be super awesome.
I recall the Roc Walla's words;

"Hangin with Boh... Listening to some real hiphop beats & 
punjabi rap... "Y'all ain't ready for this shit..."

So brings me to think alot of this new single. 
Whatever it will make every fan happy.  

Don't forget the Sept.16th. 
Sept. 16th, Music Premiere of Beparwah video by Bohemia @iambohemia [ BOHEMIA the punjabi rapper ft. Devika 

CLICK Photo for Fan Page on Facebook

Sep 4, 2013

Fan Frenzy For Bohemia Artists

Bohemia fans are just getting so excited for the upcoming Release of 
Beparwah By BOHEMIA the punjabi rapper feat. Devika. 
A video that many of the fans have been waiting on for over a year. 
So many fans have turned their excitement into illustrations of their idol-Bohemia into a full time job.
Their skills have amazed me, and am sure some will be picking up new jobs as graphic designers. 
Here is one by: Omer Pervez
You can friend him over at Facebook at link below:  

Thank you at Sony Music Punjab for getting the video released.

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To: Guru and Bohemia with 1LoVE

As much as I know
I am a fool,
I can't help myself,
I am addicted to
loving you.
You have touched my 
heart and soul and I
will always love you...both

Sep 3, 2013

Fans of Bohemia Inspired by Beparwah Coming Sept.16th.

Worldwide Online Premiere Of ‎Beparwah‬ Video By BOHEMIA the Punjabi Rapper 

Fans everywhere are being inspired to make illustrations of Bohemia's Upcoming
Beparwah Video. I will bring you some of the Bohemia's Fans hard work.
AS they are super excited about this Event, by helping get the word out in artwork form. 

This piece belongs to Abhijit Kanda- Facebook 

I can feel the excitement in the Facebook pages as they are all talking about it.
They are drawing and re-doing photo's to represent  the Release of "Beparwah".
 It will be a big day in a "Bohemia Fans" life. 

Come to the Facebook Premiere of Beparwah by Bohemia and Sony Music Punjab.
Click LINK Below to Join.

By Luck more Artwork of Beparwah by Abhijit. Thank You!!

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