Mar 25, 2014

Guru- Nominated by PTC Punjabi Music Awards - Best Debut Vocalist

PTC Punjabi Music Awards-2014

Guru has been nominated for
Best Debut Vocalist [Male] for Dardan Nu
Label - Page One Records

If you have not done so, we are asking every fan to go
over to the PTC Punjabi Music website and 
Vote for Guru.

If your one of thousands who enjoyed his vocals
on this single from the Album Page One
we need your support. 

Guru worked hard to give us a whole Album
and he has more still to come out of this album.

Here is a clue of what to expect soon from Guru:

We are very excited and are anticipating 
these new video's and single's.

Take a look at the Nominee List
and do VOTE for all 3 of his Team

Best of Luck to Guru, Paivy and Sachh!!

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