Sep 3, 2013

Fans of Bohemia Inspired by Beparwah Coming Sept.16th.

Worldwide Online Premiere Of ‎Beparwah‬ Video By BOHEMIA the Punjabi Rapper 

Fans everywhere are being inspired to make illustrations of Bohemia's Upcoming
Beparwah Video. I will bring you some of the Bohemia's Fans hard work.
AS they are super excited about this Event, by helping get the word out in artwork form. 

This piece belongs to Abhijit Kanda- Facebook 

I can feel the excitement in the Facebook pages as they are all talking about it.
They are drawing and re-doing photo's to represent  the Release of "Beparwah".
 It will be a big day in a "Bohemia Fans" life. 

Come to the Facebook Premiere of Beparwah by Bohemia and Sony Music Punjab.
Click LINK Below to Join.

By Luck more Artwork of Beparwah by Abhijit. Thank You!!