Sep 17, 2013

Sony Music's Politically Incorrect Timing on Beparwah

To Sony: Bohemia Fans are angry, cause you made Bohemia angry. 
[You Released his Music Video Beparwah 2 years late.] 
This is so unprofessional for a Brand company. 
What kind of Industry is this for, M$leys? Can we get an apology from Sony Music?
I've bought and buy Sony Music, products, gadgets, etc. cause I thought you were the BEST.
Bohemia is a Artist of Music, Genre, Heart, Composer, Lyricist, Skill, Emotion, and Character. Where is your character at? 

Hold my hand Sony-let me show you my playlists, music and products bought, let me show you where the Fans hearts and souls live.
They are not OUTCASTS!! They are BUYERS too. 
Over aLL your Artists, he has REAL FANS. [[Not paid people who push the REPLAY buttons for view numbers.] 
I will no longer BUY or recommend SONY anything, until you apologize to Bohemia and fans for your politically incorrect timing. 

Song -- Beparwah
Artists -- Bohemia, Devika

Music -- Prince Saheb 
Lyrics -- Bohemia