Jun 30, 2014

World Cup Fashion

Photos via Turkish Markafoni

Girls wanna have fun too. 

From 2010 - Sponsor was Umbro

2010 - Cristiano Ronaldo [Classic]

World Cup 2014- Oscar Emboaba
via Instagram

Oscar Emboaba for C. K. 

Here is a few of the legendary shirts worn at World Cup 2014

Photo's speak for themselves-Enjoy. 

Jun 19, 2014

2 FAR OFF | J.Hind | Shaxe Oriah

This music will make you...
Lose your mind and find your soul....

This music is vital to me. Not a single day goes by I am called to listen to the one track- 2 Far Off.
If that's not enough, J. Hind  has more. Something deep about this Project....
More tracks below.

Turkish | Pasabahce | Pitcher | Bistro | Carafe

Some may vary in size, shape, design.
All imported from Turkey.

Ask to see which size or style left.
Great for those summer tea parties, or for water use every day.
The quality is in the name, Pasabahce.

Vera Linen

Jun 17, 2014

Forever Alone | Out Now | Bir Singh | Abhey Singh

The long awaited new song and video "Forever Alone"  finally is out. You will love its catchy phrases and if this is you, well you can have a "Lonely Summer", but why? You now have the song, right?
 Forever Alone 

The video is below, enjoy.

Forever Alone on iTunes

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Abhey Singh: Abhey Singh
Bir Singh: Bir Singh

Jun 11, 2014

Forever Alone | Releasing Soon | @ItsBirSingh

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 Much anticipation for this New Song Video, titled Forever Alone.
What we can see is 2 people maybe in love,  and when young man comes to visit, possible that 
man that grabs him from behind maybe the girls father or Uncle, or even brother.

Or maybe by the title Forever Alone he has to deal of being alone without his girlfriend,
 or has the father destroyed the unity in them both? 

I don't know what to think, just drives me crazy not able to figure this out. Maybe its part of their customs
you can not date or see girls. I just don't know. Maybe he will enjoy his single life? 

Hurry up release of Forever Alone!!

Who will spend their life with me now?