Dec 20, 2014

Meri Bandook | Releases Dec 26th | w/ Bohemia | @iambohemia | @HajiSpringer

Haji Springer ft BOHEMIA the punjabi rapper |‎MeriBandook‬ | Releases Dec 26th
Haji Springer's Solo Album | ‎Survivor‬ | Releases End of Dec!


We are waiting patiently for Meri Bandook

Dr. Khan Raps | Open Heart Surgery | @LazDetroit

Lazarus aka Dr. Khan who is a real life practicing physician and rapper teams up with Bizarre of D12 to bring a taste of the operating table into the hip hop universe.

Directed by: Roger Haggart
Edited by: Kirk Miller
Produced by: Rooq

Twitter: Laz Detroit
Instagram: Laz Detroit

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Dec 13, 2014

Ayaan | TaZzZ Artist | Coming Soon | @TazzzArtist | @pritimenon85

TaZzZ aka tazzzartist on his upcoming release of Ayaan. 
Is more than just a song to me, it's filled with my deepest emotions
which I'll be sharing with you all very soon! 
I can't wait for you all to hear & see it. 
Insha Allah I will make the motherland Pakistan very proud

TaZzZ - #Ayaan (ft. Priti Menon  
Music by: Irfan Chaudhry 
Video Directed by: @saqibsiddiqui_zds 

#ComingSoon #PakistanZindabaad 

Best of Luck and many blessings to aLL involved.