Apr 20, 2013

Bohemia Defines Rap

Source: Hindustan Times Chandigarh [Jan.03-13]


Thousand Thoughts by Bohemia

Punjabi rappers may come and go, but the ‘pioneer’ will always get his due. So feels Karachi-born and California-bred rapper Bohemia, credited with single-handedly launching the genre of Punjabi rap [hiphop] into mainstream music.

How does Bohemia define rap? “It’s is a medium to introduce one’s culture to the audience, to express oneself, one’s struggle and background,” he offers. “And to be a rapper, one has to grow up in California to understand it. And that is that,” he adds, offering another of his many reasons why the new brigade of ‘desi rappers’ in India aren’t rappers at all.

 “My true fans understand me. And there are many of those. They love me. They display their fondness for me by inking my face on their bodies,” he says proudly. “And Ludhiana has moved me with the love it has showered on me. I feel honoured.”

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