Apr 7, 2011

CayKur Tea Cay Siyah Suzen Poset Tea bags Import Turkey

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CayKur Tea Cay Siyah Suzen Poset Tea bags Imported from Turkey

Simple Black Tea but all natural
No chemical insecticides in agriculture production, no additives in packing production, no aromatizer,
50 g 25 bags

100 % pure Turkish Black Tea from Rize region.

This package convient for those busy days.
Just heat 6 to 8 oz. hot boiling water, drop tea bag, wait a couple of minutes, and then enjoy.
Rize is on the north side of the range of mountains that run along the Black Sea coast. Overlooking the sea this is
the wettest corner of Turkey and Rize is the country's largest producer of tea. The province is mainly rural and very
attractive with its mountain valleys and elevated yaylas (meadows). The district of Çamlıhemşin in particular is one of
Turkey's most popular venues for trekking holidays. Within remote areas, roads are scarce and electrically powered
cable cars are used to transport people and supplies into the mountains. As well as tea, nowadays kiwi fruit are grown
here too.
Turkish teas last 0r can be used up to 2 to 3 yrs. But no one ever hadTurkish Tea for that long.
At our home it lasts maybe only 4 to 5 weeks.(beingconsumed every morning,
and evenings, and some in between)This is traditional drink in Turkey,customery to serve guests
in homes and at shops.
For breakfast, guests, after dinner, at night, it is almost drank all day and night by my friends.

 Known for its antioxidant cell renewal, delay aging, performance effects, eliminates fatigue, stress and sleep state and as a flu preventive. Prevents tooth decay. Prevents the development of cancer cells. Relieves stomach and intestinal problems. Use of benefit in the treatment of rheumatic diseases. Improving the values of cholesterol and fat, blood pressure and blood sugar in tea compresses and masks ayarlar.Yeşil revitalizes the skin. 4-5 cups of green tea consumed per day, protects the body.

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