Oct 2, 2013

So You Never Heard of Kamal Raja?

I love Kamal Raja's music. I keep my playlist on my desktop with Kamal Raja, 
as well as in my playlist in my phone. [See above photo] .

So you never heard of Kamal Raja? Don't worry, I explain simply like this: 
Are you fan of Enrique Iglesias? If your a girl, you will know that at during each certain concert song, Enrique will pick out a girl to sing too. Well he tells her to stay still as he sings to her seductive or just really close to him. He gets real close to you and you can't grab him and kiss him yet. Well I say that,  Kamal is that Enrique to his audience girls. You can see him...even in videos his almost touches, his almost kisses. When he gets close to you, even if its a actress in the video, we loose touch with ourselves...and we feel ourselves close to Kamal. 
You can feel him looking at you with his eyes. Its crazy that he has this deep connection with us. 
This is the same magic Enrique posses. Look at the phone photo above here....look at those eyes....his look is so magical. By then all the music has passed and we wonder where he transported us too. Watch this video below and feel yourself transported to Kamal's world.
There to the side of this post, you can just click the "My Picks" and buy his music. I believe in buying legal. Please help the artist by doing so. 

Record companies, loose billions of money in lost revenue, arguing that new music will suffer if people continue to download without paying.
Many many artists spend months, or even years writing new music.
Just remember they work hard to bring us GOOD music.
I ONLY buy legal music and so should you. 

Kamal Raja