Oct 22, 2013

Rihanna in UAE For Private Tour

A spokesperson for the mosque said Rihanna had come for a private tour, but had never coordinated her visit in advance.The mosque statement, published Monday in local newspapers, said Rihanna was in an area normally off limits for visitors. It says the fashion-style photo session violated rules on the “status and sanctity of the mosque.”  
The mosque is a major tourist site in the United Arab Emirates’ capital.
Rihanna has not commented on Saturday’s incident. [ Click Link below for more] 

OK- so Rihanna was doing a private tour, but failed to let officials know she is coming, and still goes...unprofessional on both parts. Though Rihanna still was there, and dressed fashionably so to shoot. Since no one was with them, she chose to take some shots in front of a famous mosque, at lest she is dressed. What the motives are for her to have shots for herself, or a photo shoot, I guess time will tell. I am not going to say if anyone is right or wrong, though Rihanna knows what she is doing. I am sure in her old days she will remember this moment. The spokesperson for the mosque, should have scheduled a tour guide, and rules. So whatever the reasons on Rihanna's part, maybe she will re-think the matter. No photos at a mosque could be that important to her, that she should displayed on social sites. She is already famous and does not need this kind of publicity. But if she knowingly did this, for a quick publicity, or a photo shoot for a brand, then they will be dealt with. I am not on either sides, but one should respect the religious aspect of the mosque. Religion is already a hard to discuss anywhere. I have visited many Christian tourist sites in Turkey. I was amazed, at how many Christians came inside the Churches with shorts, food, and talking loud. I am born in USA, and felt embarrassed by this. If your going inside the Church please wear at lest a skirt, and don't kneel in front of a sacred coffin, photo, etc. with short shorts on. Everyone at any religious site should just be respectful, lets start there at lest. 

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