Oct 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Bohemia The Punjabi Rapper

Illustration By: Abhijit Kanda  

“Every so often change your palette. Introduce new colours and discard others.  You will gain knowledge of colour mixing and your  work will have added variety.”

Quote- K. Denton

Sometimes in life, we get used to doing the same old things.
 Its such a great thing, when we change some things.
 We see things from different angle. 
 Bringing in a new genre, new friends, travel and see the world. 
 You will see life at such a different pace going forward. 
 As an singing artist like Bohemia, the world is his. 
 He is entering a whole new generation of new followers.
 Lets wait and see what he has to offer us in new music. © Lynn Yildiz  

 Happy Birthday Bohemia 

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