Aug 28, 2013

Bohemia's Rooh ReMix

If you listen to Bohemia's Rooh song with a headset can feel his [soul] his pain right through the awesome music of  DJ Shadow Dubai.

It is a very clever way to use electronic notes and be able to get this very unique music and Bohemia's vocal's. I stress you must listen with a good feel Bohemia's Roohat its best quality. 

Bohemia is still the singer....and if you continue to listen to this song, original or Remix,
you can actually feel Bohemia. I can't still believe he had this awesome voice all these years.

It does not matter what he does in exploring in all possibilities .... there is but OnE Bohemia. 
What he stands for is but OnE LovE.

On his last Live Interview with Nihal from BBC1, [ Bohemia's Interview with Nihal ] he was asked about Rooh and he quoted, On Rooh;
"he says its a personal life story rendition into a song." 
"He says "some of his fans tripping off  on why him, not rapping or singing
 on this track. I didn't even think about it.
 I am sticking to my name, I'm Bohemia 
 I don't think, I don't follow any path..
 I don't even follow my own path...."

Lets appreciate and respect this remarkable man , yet to defy the world.... to challenge himself, to do something deemed impossible. LuV U Sir.   

Rooh Remix by BOHEMIA the punjabi rapper and DJ Shadow Dubai Now Available on iTunes.

                                                             iTunes for Rooh Remix


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