Jul 10, 2013

Bohemia -USA Punjabi Rapper Interview

Below is my take on the interview, and written by me, to help you understand some of the English. 

Hip Hop, Entertainer- The great Bohemia Punjabi Rapper from California -USA is inspired by many poets. Listen to his interview in English, talk about his music, and thoughts. 

Talks about that no one is listening to India music in USA. 
No one has India CDs music in their households. [This is true]

At moment he's bumpin' Jay-Z's  Holy Grail in his car and home.

He loves the fun party, nightclub music that Honey Singh sings. Its great nonsense party music. 

He talks about that you won't be seeing him doing any cheesey Bollywood stints.

He try to explain the difference of USA Entertainment and India Bollywood business. What it requires, strategies, info structures, genre and demographics, which music industry in USA has, compared to India Bollywood so call heads who think they are Bollywood Producers, and have Interior Design backgrounds. 

He talks about when he feels like doing some tracks he does one or two tracks.

On Rooh, he says its a personal life story rendition into a song. 
I always hide behind the song, tell my feelings to my fans, that's what I have done again.

He says some of his fans tripping off  on why him, not rapping or singing
on this track. I didn't even think about it.
I am sticking to my name, I'm Bohemia 
I don't think, I don't follow any path
I don't even follow my own path....

He says whoever this track is written for, maybe she is listening to it too .....
He says its just a track, hope his fans enjoy it. [We do]

Listen to the whole interview, you will hear the real American Hip Hop Punjabi Rapper artist Bohemia on his music, and song writing. 

I apologize if I quoted wrong- but trying to get close as possible.

I myself loved this Interview, it was the best I have heard on the real Bohemia.  

Credits for recording and interview is Nihal and BBC Radio1

Bohemia's New Song Rooh