Jan 22, 2014

Bohemia The Punjabi Rapper Record Breaking 20M Views On YouTube

Bohemia with 20 million Views just alone in India, he is a Fan favorite all around the world.

 King of Punjabi rap Bohemia has become one of the biggest YouTube stars in India by receiving record-breaking 20 million hits on his videos.

Bohemia said "I know that my music is available to my fans on the biggest platforms like YouTube and iTunes in the best quality possible".

Pinakin Thakkar from Nirvana Digital, who manage Bohemia's YouTube channel, said that " it's always great to work with artists who understand the power of Digital Platforms and are open to experiment with them."

Thakkar added that Bohemia has a huge fan base and the music he creates has made him one of the fastest growing and most viewed artists on YouTube in India. (ANI)

With that said, Fans are about to get excited again.  Bohemia will be Releasing Yaad Anah [The Lost Rhymes] on Jan.31st. 2014.
The Song Yaad Anah is available for Pre-Order at iTunes  Pre-Order - The Single- Yaad Anah Here

There is even an On Line Event being held by a group of Fans which usually turn out to talk Bohemia anything. This is the only time Fans get a chance to get together from all parts of the world and share photos, home made sketches, drawings, banners, fans with Bohemia photos, and more.

The On Line Event is FREE to attend and easy excess right on Facebook.

Event for Bohemia's New Release Yaad Anah- Here

Bohemia's Instagram for Updates

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Bohemia's Instagram for Updates Follow Bohemia on Twitter

Hosting Fan Page Is:"Proud To Being Bohemia Fan Here"

Source: Thank you to ANI