Nov 26, 2013

Bohemia At Lemp Pub and Kitchen- India Tour

Don't be late!!! Its always Historical Event when it comes to Bohemia performing.

Dec.1st - Bohemia 

"The BIGGEST party weekend in the history of Indian Night Clubs.
Right here in Gurgaon... C'mon lets LEMP IT UP !!!"

Bohemia In Patiala India For Concerts


Bohemia at Concert in Patiala India .
 The Fans everywhere in India are so excited that Bohemia is in their town.
 Below is a Fan who sent this to me via Instagram, and I had not checked all weekend my account.
Its ok, I shared it for him everywhere.

Bohemia also was at Chillum's- Fan crowds were great 
and he also had some help on the mic from Dahek aka Dili Da Dilwala.

A Fan sent this video below and Bohemia was telling it like it is. 
Take a listen at Bohemia. [wait few seconds to load]
More Concerts Coming  [New Dehli] stay tuned at: 

Nov 25, 2013

New Style Boyfriend Jeans Fashion

Above the New Trend is Boyfriend Jeans

Below is one of my favorite Necklaces "The Cleopatra" 
Designer- Iosselliani Luisaviaro

Nov 24, 2013

Nov 21, 2013

Guru's New Video Dardan Nu Is a HIT

Though its been almost a year I first heard of Guru, I feel the same as that day. 
What incredible vocals he has. 

First time I heard him, I did not even know the language he was singing. 
He co-wrote a song with Arjun [Same Girl ] and when I heard his voice, I was like who is that?

Not long after that he put out his first Single titled, Chhad Gayi. I was blown away again
with his vocals. How can one be singing in a language I had no clue what it was, and yet understand it?

Its the way he sung it, it was like a straight connection to the soul. So I am one of his biggest fans, and I am thrilled to say his new album is complete. 
He has named his album "Page OnE."


Guru In Dardan Nu New Album Video -Must Watch -Emotional

Click to Watch Video on Link Below

                      Guru In #DardanNu New Album Video -Must Watch - Christmasdelight

Nov 14, 2013

Guru's New Album "PageOnE" Dropping Nov. 17th.

Guru's Debut album PAGEOne will be releasing on Nov-17th -2013. 
We have been waiting so long for this album. His brother told us, "its going to be BIG". 
AS for me, love his voice when he sings and makes it seem effortless.

He is very professional not only in his vocals, but as a singer song writer and lyricist. 

Prior to this he co-wrote Same Girl with the famed Arjun a UK Asian singer song writer.
Then he released his first Single, Chhad Gayi, which still keeps getting hits on You tube. 
He is still being discovered, and each day he gains new fans from around the world.

He is asking us that he needs our support.  Here is what he wrote us on Facebook:

"Need your full love n support like you gave on my previous songs SAME GIRL & CHHAD GAYI." 

Guru's Official FaceBook Fan Page 

He does not need to ask me twice. I have been supporting him, since his duet 
 'Same Girl' with Arjun.
This time round, its a whole album. His album is titled Guru PageOne. 
This has been his dream, and I guess this is this first page of many chapters to come.
He had told us he had recorded a song with Bohemia, lets keep our fingers crossed,
and hope this song with Bohemia is in the album.

Best of everything Guru. May this release bring you much respect and recognition.
You are very young but very smart with great potential for a great successful career.

We love you and support you 100% from your Fan Support.

Guru's Fan Support Page

Purchase Music on this Link
Guru's Music
or on the Right side top of this post.

Guru's YouTube Page

Bohemia in Koi Nai Music Video

Nov 1, 2013

Exclusive Interview With BOHEMIA the punjabi rapper by Rj Bilawal

Please wait for few seconds as it loads. Thanks.