Jun 18, 2012

Bringing Smiles to Village Children

                                                                                               Photo: me-L.Y.

"You will find, as you look back on your life, that the moments that stand out are the moments when you have done things for others." - Quote: H.Drummond

All one has to do is bring chocolates, American candies and gums.
 Throw in some Mattel die cast cars, even McDonald toys and you get a smile.
 A smile that stays in your heart. 
This is what I do when I travel into villages in Turkiye. I once gave a small girl a tiny coin purse, and when I came back the next year, there she was playing street ball with other children.
She saw me and saw her reached in her pocket and pulled out that tiny coin purse I gave her the year before. I reached in my bag and gave her candies and gifts.

Photo by: Me-L.Y.