Oct 5, 2014

Guru Randhawa | Southall Teaser | Page One | @guruofficial

Guru Randhawa 

  Southall Teaser | Page One | Full Song Coming Soon | @guruofficial | Page One Records

You will love this video, because its done by the famous *Hasinth Pathirana!! I was so surprised to see his name on credits. Now I know its really really going to be so professional and if its got that many guys all at once dancing....I will be going crazy. Then I saw Paivy doing the music....and I just forget how good the Page One Album has been. 

I have had a bad week, and knowing new music and video's are being released this weekend is going to help me recover...a little. 

Teaser - Southall
Artist : Guru Randhawa
Lyrics : Guru Randhawa
Music : Paivy 
Video : Hasinth Pathirana*
Album : Page One
Label : Page One Records

Watch his Teaser Video below: 

Label - Page1 Records

Album: Page One

01. Dardan Nu
02. Khali Bottlan
03. Na Na Na Na Na
04. Billo On Fire
05. Southall 
06. I Like You ( Main Tainu Ohna )
07. My Jugni
08. Modern Thumka
09. Maa 

10.Pyar Waale Test