Feb 2, 2014

Dahek | Performer | Entertainer |Singer |Songwriter


Performer |Entertainer |Singer |Songwriter

Book‬ your ‎Events Early with Dahek for 2014

Dahek - Will Give you an ‪‎Experience‬ Of ‎Entertainment‬ 

Like no other ‪#‎Artist‬.  

Known as "The Desi Pit Bull"

He takes Entertainment to another level- Excitement - Energy 

Audience Participation and Pure Fun 

Book Your Events Now as his Calendar fills up quick. 

Find Him Here:

Below is the Movie Preview of  Mango Man [still in production]
Song is: Aao Milo. Silo Saloun 
Lyricist  /Singer Songwriter Dahek

Arvind Kejriwal, AAP leader is in the Film "Mango Man",
That has a strong connect with what he stands for,
"Fight Against Corruption".
The Title Track is written and sung by "Dahek".

‪‎Movie Preview below: