Oct 28, 2013

Guru The New and Uprising Punjabi Artist

Guru has been busy for several months, writing music, and singing, and putting together an album for
his fans and new fans will love.

First time I heard him, I did not even know the language he was singing. 
He co-wrote a song with Arjun [Same Girl ] and when I heard his voice, I was like who is that?

Not long after that he put out his first Single titled, Chhad Gayi. I was blown away again
with his vocals. How can one be singing in a language I had no clue what it was, and yet understand it?

Its the way he sung it, it was like a straight connection to the soul. So I am one of his biggest fans, and I am thrilled to say his new album is complete. 
He has named his album "Page1".

Though there is fine detail on legals, and paper work, photography, etc. I am almost impossible to be around with. I am going crazy over the Release details, as they will do Promotions, and he did say, "Coming to Stores Soon". So as I and other fans await this Release, we are just getting more and more impatient.

I for one, more so, as I live in USA. This past Spring and Summer were spent helping promote and spread the news of many new movies, and music, from overseas. I was not able to see any of the movies or buy too many music downloads, or CDs. I am worried about that happening again with Guru.

If this happens, watch out, I am going to fly to India or UK, to pick up my music.

Best of everything Guru and your new release.

Guru The New and Uprising Punjabi Artist

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Hear his Single" Chhad Gayi" on Urturn below: