Sep 26, 2017

Vindictive Fans Need Lesson on Respect and Support toward Their Favorite Artist

Here is a Instagram post I found interesting in regards to views on music videos.
That's right, a group of fans who love their artist, but refuse to give respect to this artist new agenda, of trying to help bring in new artists, and produce music video's to his new record label. That's what I think is going on. So you will know the artist when I post his video below. Any comments,  like your opinion on his production [the story line on video] much appreciated too.  Also if you look underneath his video, you can view all those childish remarks of why they came to see video. They came to say stupid remarks on how they only came to see their artist, and only him. They gave no attention to his new label, and  his new production. He had some help, but he worked on that music too, which I thought was really good. It was catchy, and had my heart beating to see the end results. If your fan of the artist, you can't expect him to stay in his same mode, if he has chosen to now expand his horizons, to run a record label, and bring in and sign new artists and mentor them, so be it! If your fan you give him good wishes, on his added vision, his new creativity, and future entrepreneur expansions to his new business. If you saw the video, give a little hint on his music production, for example "the music was on target" or "music was a little loud, could not hear song" but gosh darn, be nice about it. The artist is well known in another country, and that's awesome, he has just stepped out of his zone a bit, to try new things, probably to even mentor other artists. He is a "legend", he has earned his title, he brought in a new genre of music, and NO ONE can take that away from him, or the fan following. Its time for him to tell a different story on those interviews. In regards to the views on his new video, they should have been higher, if the fans really loved him, though he was not the main artist, he featured himself as the rap artist in the video, why did that matter fans? Supporting your favorite artist in no matter what part he sings, or yet, this was his label, trying his hand at producing a video, and the music at that, what is so hard to understand? Those views should have been 1 million already going on 2 million, that was your support you just threw away in just thinking you did not like the new artist he was showcasing in his NEW LABEL!! So many times I see this vindictive behavior under his new music. His name, his old songs will always be a part of your life, just respect his new vision.

The truth is in this sentence ""Mahi Aaja" is the latest single by Kali Denali Music introducing Rahul Lakhanpal, new addition to the KDM roster."

His new video, is awesome, I love the music, and the story line had me in a frenzy anticipating the end. The husband walking up the stairs, I thought would never end, and that guy actor, had a crappy attitude in the first place, flirting with other women in front of his wife!! I am not sure, I had mixed feelings when I saw her next, actually I was happy, but then, the story line leaves us to finish the ending... OMG! I just watched it over and over a few times and well you look at it and tell me what you think. It was a great music video, not sure if there will be a part 2 to that video, cause that story telling got me wanting more of this new adventure of  Bohemia. OH OH before I forget, I want to say Rahul is an awesome singer, and did you see his eye contact acting? He will be great in acting too, but those vocals are extremely awesome- "you go Rahul".
Watch below....
To J.Hind - sometimes when I post for Guru, by my reports, it shows he can get close to 4K clicks on any one per post, of his videos, by me. You are awesome boss too. I believe this video would have more clicks if respect and support was given and not vindictive attacks on video, artists, label, and not understanding the new vision of Bohemia. There are some real fans, but maybe a lesson on English would be better. <3 

We live in a day and age where people try and distort reality consistently. Don't allow it to happen right in your face when you have the ability to decipher the truth for yourself. An area that is greatly distorted and has become shamefully accepted by many is the practice of inflating views on music videos, social media follower counts and music sales. Any new Tom,Dick, or Harry comes along and has 10,000,000 views overnight! I'm beyond proud of the fact that Kali Denali Music has never and will never participate in such fakery. Unfortunately I can't speak for the rest of the industry as most are already neck deep in a career built on fake numbers. Most of your favorites also have fake social media followers on all of their platforms. It's time to start educating the supporters of our music so they clearly understand what's going on in the industry & why. #StopFoolingYourFans #KaliDenaliMusic #DoubleBlackGang #DesiHipHop
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Mahi Aaja - Rahul and BOHEMIA (Music Video)

"Mahi Aaja" is the latest single by Kali Denali Music introducing Rahul Lakhanpal, 
new addition to the KDM roster.

Music by BOHEMIA. 

Lyrics by BOHEMIA and Boss. 
Music Video directed by J.Hind. 
Husband: Sarb Dhillon 
Wife: Nida 
Guests: Sabih Nawab & Ace 
Edited by Kerry Porter.