Dec 20, 2014

Meri Bandook | Releases Dec 26th | w/ Bohemia | @iambohemia | @HajiSpringer

Haji Springer ft BOHEMIA the punjabi rapper |‎MeriBandook‬ | Releases Dec 26th
Haji Springer's Solo Album | ‎Survivor‬ | Releases End of Dec!


We are waiting patiently for Meri Bandook

Dr. Khan Raps | Open Heart Surgery | @LazDetroit

Lazarus aka Dr. Khan who is a real life practicing physician and rapper teams up with Bizarre of D12 to bring a taste of the operating table into the hip hop universe.

Directed by: Roger Haggart
Edited by: Kirk Miller
Produced by: Rooq

Twitter: Laz Detroit
Instagram: Laz Detroit

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Dec 13, 2014

Ayaan | TaZzZ Artist | Coming Soon | @TazzzArtist | @pritimenon85

TaZzZ aka tazzzartist on his upcoming release of Ayaan. 
Is more than just a song to me, it's filled with my deepest emotions
which I'll be sharing with you all very soon! 
I can't wait for you all to hear & see it. 
Insha Allah I will make the motherland Pakistan very proud

TaZzZ - #Ayaan (ft. Priti Menon  
Music by: Irfan Chaudhry 
Video Directed by: @saqibsiddiqui_zds 

#ComingSoon #PakistanZindabaad 

Best of Luck and many blessings to aLL involved. 

Dec 11, 2014

Coffee Farms over Gangs | Kenco

The country Honduras, with so much beauty, and with evil, like lots of gangs.

One teen has paid money to gangs to not kill him.

You either can paint graffiti or join the gangs.
One teen says there must be something better.

If your a girl, they use you, force you to have sex, and you can not have any friends or boyfriends.

A teen during interview is crying when he tells his story, about how the gangs killed his dad.

Take a look at the video below and Share it to show support.

On the website you can follow their story, and see photos.

Most dangerous city in the world | San Pedro Sula Honduras

We salute Kenco, wanting to make a difference, by offering the group of young people a chance at a better life. Best of luck Kenco.

Find out how we can help.

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Choosing Coffee Farms over Gangs | Kenco

Open Heart Surgery | DroppingThis Month | @LazDetroit

@LazDetroit LAZARUS [Dr. Khan] Dr. Khan
 #OpenHeartSurgery #DroppingThisMonth

Kind of anxious to hear and see this video. 
Best of LUCK Dr. 

Dec 9, 2014

Drones Claim First Victim

A small aircraft spun out of control during an attempt to land it on a Brooklyn Daily reporter's hand. 

Georgine Benvenuto, a photographer for the Brooklyn Daily, told the newspaper one of the two mistletoe-toting drones at the Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, location spun out of control Dec. 4 and struck her in the nose.
"It literally chipped off a tip of my nose," she said. "It took off part of my nose and cut me here, right under my chin."
"Thank god it didn't go anywhere under my eye -- that is my livelihood," Benvenuto said.
David Quiones, drone operator at the restaurant, said the small aircraft spun out of control during an attempt to land it on a Brooklyn Daily reporter's hand. He said the reporter flinched during the landing, sending the drone out of control toward the photographer's face.
Quiones said the incident will not bring an end to the Mobile Mistletoe program.
"If people get hurt, they're going to come regardless. People get hurt in airplanes, they still fly," Quiones said. "There is a risk involved -- anything flying, there is risk."

TGI Fridays' 'Mistletoe Drone' slices woman's nose

Lights Out Effort Stops Deadly Bird-Building Collisions

Illuminated buildings, especially ones with a lot of glass windows, are deadly for birds. Experts estimate that more than 100 million migrating birds die each year in North America when they become confused by artificial lights at night and fly into the glass. 

The campaign urges building owners to switch off unnecessary lights at night during peak migration periods in the spring and fall.
Now in its fifth year, the campaign is having some success. After one federal office building with many large glass windows agreed to their request, volunteers saw a two-thirds reduction in the number of bird fatalities there.

North America News - Lights Out Effort Stops Deadly Bird-Building Collisions

Ariana Grande and Big Sean Sing Duet

LOS ANGLES, Calif. -- Grammy-nominated singer Ariana Grande and rapper Big Sean gave a steamy performance together at KIISFM's Jingle Ball in Los Angeles' Staple Center Friday night.
Grande, 21, surprised the audience mid-way during her scheduled set by inviting Sean, her boyfriend,to the stage to perform "one of [her] favorite songs." The duo then gave an emotional rendition of their single "Best Mistake," which appears on Grande's debut album, My Everything.
Grande and Sean held one another during the performance and concluded the act with a caring hug.
Rumors that Grande and Sean were dating began began in August after they were photographed holding hands backstage at the 2014 MTV VMAs. The rapper confirmed the relationship in September, claiming they were "friends for years before anything else."