Oct 1, 2014

Gitta Bains | Videoshoot Completed | @GittaBains | At #the6

 I am just going to put it out there...I got no clue exactly who is in this video. But I seen some tweets down my Musician's twitter line, talking about it. I have seen connections of course with Bohemia, Haji Springer, which may have been done earlier while in Canada [#the6]. I seen DeepJandu , DigitalRecordsO, ParmBMusic, Royal Music Gang, 4Seasons, and a few more. I am thinking its the New upcoming Fire, but then I am not sure if another song or video was made ....as I am not caught up with tweets, or posts yet. I have been delayed a bit, for a family death. But I saw all the photos and thought you the fans would like to see them if you had missed them. I know lots of new fans have been joining me and playing this new Urban Asian Music. I do not know the Release Date, but it looks like alot of fun being had. Bikes, sport cars, dancers, photographers, etc. have been tweeting up the same photos, so as soon as I know anything more, I will just post photos, tweets or FB status. I have been so sad lately, I am in need of another happy song. Recently Haji Springer gave us Lamborgini and AvenueOb and Bohemia gave us WakeNBake.      

Here is a couple more photos from Gitta Bains on Twitter