Jan 3, 2014

Gitta Bains Ft. Gangis Khan In Roj Shaam Nu

Official full video of Latest Punjabi Song of 2014 

"Roz Shaam Nu" 

by Gitta Bains featuring Gangis Khan

Music Directed by Vishal K. Khanna

My Note: Why you will enjoy this International song...

Gitta Bains vocals are an absolute delight

to listen too, in any language.

Though he sings in Punjabi, forget that, listen to his voice.

Military guy coming back after service, is determine to see

his girlfriend again. Though he was told by his friend, 

she was no good for him...he ignored him, and went on a

 knocking at her door only to find......she had other plans.

He knew ......all along.

Watch and listen, and you will hear Gangis Khan, with his 

 slow smooth hip hop rap vocals...and he's really good too. 

You kind of wish he

 wouldn't stop singing / rapping, his smooth vocals in 

English. Reaching

 out to your heart connecting with Gitta's thoughts. 

Song will be out soon, and I suggest you purchase it legally 

and add this to your playlist.


Album : Roz Shaam Nu
Song : Roj Shaam Nu
Singer : Gitta Bains
Music by : Vishal K. Khanna/4 Seasons
Directed by : Mr PI
Lyrics : Gitta Bains
Label : B3 Network
Digital Partner : Unisys