Dec 24, 2013

Ammar YK and Anil

The song below will blow your mind.
 No no...all his songs are absolutely adoreable.
His songs about girls are too real. 
Girls get a box of tissues and a box of ice cream before you 
listen to all his his songs. 
Some are with Explicit [Rapper] and this guy [Explicit]...
he really knows how to write songs about emotions.
He took me by surprise, with his sensual vocals, 
yet so smooth and so RnB. 
I've been trully a RnB girl all my life.
 What he sings comes straight from his soul.
Its like a new style of RnB, smooth rnb....thats it...its smooth rnb. 

Heard he has a NEW SONG Coming Soon.

Do watch the video.below.