Feb 17, 2013

Yardsellr, Not Passionate Enough

 "After all, Facebook commerce may be huge one day, but in the present, consumers are more interested in “liking” articles, writing status updates, sharing photos and connecting with friends — not in using Facebook as a destination for purchasing or commerce."

My Note: I trully believe this Yardsellr was not passionate enough to overcome the problems.

 Read the whole TechCrunch article on link below.

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Yardsellr, The “eBay For Facebook,” Becomes The Latest Casualty In Social & Local Commerce | TechCrunch

"Addoway is an e-commerce site that looks to help reduce these feelings of anxiety by using Facebook Connect to help you find sellers that your friends have had good experiences dealing with in the past."

Addoway - Safer Shopping, Discovered.

Addoway - Visit My Store