Aug 25, 2016

#RnB Artist Hassan | Will Bring You To Tears | Akhan Vich Akhan | @nusznmusic

Once upon a time, I was listening to music from everyone looking for vocals that would make me buy their music, like right there and then. I found Hassan, among the International artists, like The Weeknd, J.Cole, Drake, Bieber and others. To my surprise they were from Canada, but I knew The Weeknd was from Egypt, Bieber from Canada, and Hassan was from Pakistan. I am so glad to have heard him, and the song I heard back in 2013 was " Inside of Her Heart " and I thought.."what were you thinking Hassan"? First song of Hassan I heard and cried, because I felt his pain. I really don't like girls that do that to guys. Yeah, use them... [If a girl asks for your name...] [How do I believe you?] LOL. I also wonder how or why did he end up writing this song? I am always wondering if these things happen to him, for he seems like a great guy. Anyways, this song, locked me in his vocals, and my heart. He then had another song Suddenly , you might as well kill me then, because his vocals were just killing me in my dreams, and wondering who is this artist? [Actually he already had a bunch of songs, loved them all] I became a fan of his, and I never lost track of him, but he went off a bit and came back with a lot of songs that could end my life immediately, by just listening to his vocals. 

 There are artists who make songs and gain fame, and then there are artists who take you to another world [most times unknown or independent] with vocals and lyrics, and let you inside their heart, whether it's pain or love, they grip you hard to feel what they are saying.  I could say a lot more, but just go listen to his songs. If he ever got hurt by a girl, I would be on his side, just because he sounds so so good. LOL. 

I have his songs in several of my other blogs, so be sure you keep in touch. Better yet subscribe to his YouTube, or Soundcloud, and you won't miss anything. So let me just hook you up to his audio or lyrical video to listen to him. In this song, [below] he actually for the first time, sang some parts in Punjabi, but don't worry it's in English too, and as always he makes me cry. This artist by far is my favorite, even more so than those more famous ones.... #truth. So click below to listen and enjoy.

Official Lyric Video by HASSAN performing Akhan Vich Akhan. 
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He also has YET another new song Releasing Sept.1st. 

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