Dec 11, 2014

Coffee Farms over Gangs | Kenco

The country Honduras, with so much beauty, and with evil, like lots of gangs.

One teen has paid money to gangs to not kill him.

You either can paint graffiti or join the gangs.
One teen says there must be something better.

If your a girl, they use you, force you to have sex, and you can not have any friends or boyfriends.

A teen during interview is crying when he tells his story, about how the gangs killed his dad.

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On the website you can follow their story, and see photos.

Most dangerous city in the world | San Pedro Sula Honduras

We salute Kenco, wanting to make a difference, by offering the group of young people a chance at a better life. Best of luck Kenco.

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Choosing Coffee Farms over Gangs | Kenco