Jun 25, 2013

Subhash K Jha on Raanjhanaa Latest Movie

"Raanjhanaa is a very simply-told story of a love so intense durable and destructive that it hurts. The inner turbulence, tumult and tensions of the central alliance evolves from the vibrancy of Varanasi, from each fluent note of Rahman's music, and from every pore of director Aanand Rai's transparent honest passionate treatment of that much-misunderstood emotion called love."

*Here is a Movie you must watch. Come back and tell me all about it, because I am sure I will have a hard time finding this movie in USA. Just by watching all the trailers and listening to A.R.Rahman's music unfold in the movie.....is a sure pick of a India Love Story.

UPDATE: I found the movie down the street from me. This is the MOST happiest day ever. I will go see it now. OMG

To read the article CLICK the LINK below and enjoy.

 Subhash K Jha speaks about Raanjhanaa | Latest Movie Features - Bollywood Hungama

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AR Rahman Maestro of Music

"to create music that will connect with so many people is not humanly possible without inspiration"

As I read this article on Mr. AR Rahman, I felt the breeze of musical notes flowing all around me. All his life choices were on target and continue to be. A most humble and thankful man he is. When I read the part of Michael Jackson and Rahman collaborating on a future musical inspirational get together, I felt tears come to my eyes. What if.....what if......my mind was flying in musical notes everywhere. I thought what if.....how would the world be impacted with two greats with so much talents and inspirations working together? I get goose pimples thinking about how the world would have changed. M.J. will always be the missing puzzle piece of music in this world of entertainment. AS you read this Rahman article you also will feel the musical notes flowing around you. The best is yet to come to us as the maestro of music Mr. A.R. Rahman will lead us into the future of music unknowns.

Click Link below to read the story [runs on 2 pages]  

In every song, I ask help from God: AR Rahman - Times Of India

Here is a video picked by
A.R. Rahman
It is a most fun and inspirational video to make anyone smile.

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Jun 19, 2013

Bohemia Quote

Fans love Bohemia

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Jun 18, 2013

Haji Springer Releases Electronic Desi Mafia - EDM

The Show has began. Fasten your seat belts....get your best headsets on and enjoy the show. 

Bollywood Springer Releases eight tracks  EDM “Electronic Desi Mafia”!

Real Music is hajispringer
Electronic Desi Mafia

Haji Springer | Format: MP3 Music

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Original Release Date: June 18, 2013
Label: Prez Ent.
Copyright: Prez Ent.
I do not own cover of EDM
Belongs to rightful owners of Prez. Ent.

Jun 15, 2013

Bohemia Back On at MySpace

                  Click above to his MySpace

Bohemia is back on at MySpace.

This is me [above] [Lynn] as his TOP Fan. 
I will enjoy it for a few hours as I know many
Bohemia Fans will be above me soon. For once I am as close as the dream everyone has of the Master Creator of Punjabi Rap Bohemia. 

Click his Photo above for entrance to his REAL Facebook Page. 

Join Many of his Fan Support Pages on Facebook Here with More Coming Soon

Jun 9, 2013

Bohemia – The Bilz and Kashif – My Ride Remix

Bohemia - The Bilz & Kashif – My Ride Remix feat. Glasses Malone, Bohemia, Drega, Nivla

Click LINK below to READ More on My Ride Remix

Bohemia - The Bilz & Kashif – My Ride Remix feat. Glasses Malone, Bohemia, Drega, Nivla

The Bilz and Kashif explain…"My Ride"
The fans were just too eager to have the final album in their hands that we decided as a bonus, we’d also slap them with a brand new video. The single, “My Ride”, is about how intense a women’s persona and beauty can be. Her shape, her demeanor all alluring to an exotic car that you just want to ride. We felt it was the perfect summer anthem for everyone to get ready for The Trinity.

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