Apr 16, 2013

Fans of Guru and Bohemia

Thousand Thoughts by Bohemia

Bohemia-Punjabi rapper [HipHop] and a music producer from California-USA
Guru a uprising new Punjabi singing artist and writer from Gurdaspur,
near Punjab India and the UK.
Fans believe in their inspiration. They live in the heart of that inspiration named Bohemia and Guru. [Above Fan]

Everyday I meet lots of Fans for both of these singing artist. Many wear hoodies
like Bohemia. They even get his name tattoed on their bodies. Its wild. As for Guru, he is a friend of Bohemia and already the masses of fans of Guru know that both of them like to concert together. Hopefully we see them here soon together again. Be a Fan of both or either by clicking Fan Facebook badge below.

                                                      Bohemia and Guru