Jun 28, 2012

Exclusive interview: Yatharth Ratnum |TheSkyKid.Com

 "And I have big news! My very own brand of MERCHANDISE  – the “YR” brand — is coming very soon. You can buy my autographed T-SHIRTS, caps and thousands of other things. They will be available on my website www.yatharthratnum.com. "

To read more on YR (Yatharth Ratnum) CLICK link below to see the whole interview. YR will see this blog, so please leave him a shout out.

Exclusive interview : Yatharth Ratnum |TheSkyKid.Com:

If you have not kept up with YR and would like to see more, please check out his website, or bookmark this page, or even Follow me here. He tweets alot so in case you missed something, I will add it here.

Good luck Yatharth- everyone is rooting for you and your much successes. We hope by bringing in your own style of music with a little Bollywood flair mixed in it, brings an international peace. Pick up the pieces where Michael Jackson was. You both are exactly alike. Taking your music to the world, in hopes of world peace.



Jun 26, 2012

Turkish Market-USA: Christmas In The Blogs with the Meet Tweet Team

As the Holidays are fast approaching, and more of everyone's Shopping will be done on online. To give you a head start this 2012 here i...

Also meet the Addoway Friday Meet Tweet Team

Jun 18, 2012

Bringing Smiles to Village Children

                                                                                               Photo: me-L.Y.

"You will find, as you look back on your life, that the moments that stand out are the moments when you have done things for others." - Quote: H.Drummond

All one has to do is bring chocolates, American candies and gums.
 Throw in some Mattel die cast cars, even McDonald toys and you get a smile.
 A smile that stays in your heart. 
This is what I do when I travel into villages in Turkiye. I once gave a small girl a tiny coin purse, and when I came back the next year, there she was playing street ball with other children.
She saw me and saw her reached in her pocket and pulled out that tiny coin purse I gave her the year before. I reached in my bag and gave her candies and gifts.

Photo by: Me-L.Y.

Jun 15, 2012

Zeytin Grill Presents Father's Day Brunch-Dallas

What a way to spend Father's Day with your dad, brother, or son. 
Zeytin Mediterranean Turkish Grill.

Get ready to feast on Authentic Turkish foods.
Make it a tradition with the family and come back every year for the BEST food ever in DFW.

Click LINK below for details, menu and directions.

You can find me below

Zeytin Grill Home - Dallas

Gyro, Doner Kebab and Chicken Doner 

One of my favorites is the Gyro sandwich.
Now open in the Dallas area of Las Colinas

Check the link below for menu, times, and specials.

Jun 13, 2012

Fievel Stewart and Yatharth Ratnum

                  Source: twitter.com via Lyn on Pinterest

Above Fievel Stewart and Yatharth Ratnum working on New music video,
 for his new album "Yatharth".

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