Mar 30, 2011

Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Relief Fund - GlobalGiving

Addoway is trying to raise funds for the Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Relief Fund.
Your contribution of one to five dollars or more can help bring a special victory to our already raised $800.00.

Even if you give $1.00, you can have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped a much needed project.
For all the fees Addoway has saved us, if we all put in that dollar or 2.00 will get Addoway to surpass his goal.
Lets start and make the goal at lest $1.000 for right now.

It’s not enough to remember the less fortunate in thought alone. Let’s remember them by our deeds!

Click the badge to the right here, or click
Here is even the link direct to the project.

Please I ask you take the badge below and post it in your blogs, or sites.
You do not have to be a member to help. 
Thank you for your contribution to a much needed project.