Feb 22, 2011

Justin Bieber Cuts His Hair, Donates It To Charity | Styleite

How sweet it is...Justin Bieber and his new look. Click link below to read full story and more pics.

Beyonce In Blackface For L'Officiel Paris - VIDEO | Styleite

Interesting enough is she Beyonce was inspired, when she and her boyfriend, 
went and saw the musical, Fela!  Her boyfriend,Jay-Z co-produced  the Nigerian musician Fela Kuti

Click link below to read more about this video.

Oscar de la Renta - Fall 2011 - | Styleite

Very NICE looking styles by Oscar de la Renta
Click LINK below for some real Turkishdelite

Turkish team to sue lab for Taurasi doping report

Feb 7, 2011

Istanbul Fashion Week 2011 with Mavi 

Credit Photo to: Fotoğraflar. Emre Özcan

I happen to own a few pieces of Mavi.
Mavi is more known for fabulous jeans. 
The guys look awesome too. 
Check out the video below.
Love the legwarmers, as they are a favorite of mine. 
You can get similar pieces the pant looking leggings(gals) at:
Don't forget to check out the video at bottom link
Istanbul Fashion Week with Mavi 

Istanbul Fashion Week 2011 – Koton 

Credit of picture: fotoğraflar- Emre Özcan

Istanbul Fashion Week 2011
Istanbul has great designers and I love it all.
This video is via markafoni Blog
Check out the video of the Istanbul Fashion Week- Koton
This is just ONE of the designers showcased.

Get those fabulous eyes with:  More Revlon here