Jul 9, 2010

"The Deposit"


Once I used to managed a branded pizza place. I had only one other employee w/me.
As we exit the door, and locked it, not even a half a second this guy comes at us w/ a gun wearing a nylon mask.
He said give me the "DEPOSIT". I said we are new, we cannot reopen the door.
He said "we are all going back in to get the deposit".
I said "I don't think so", "we don't have the key or know the combination".
Seeing that gun pointed at me, I was beginning to feel he might be ready to use it.
I was carrying w/me not the deposit but a large pickle jar(I wanted to save my pennies)(if I lived)
We waited, then my employee says"Well looks like your gonna have to shoot us"! I dropped my jar it broke!
My employee says "you can take my purse and hers" (pointing to me) "but we don't have any money"!.(oh my gosh)
Standing there pointing the gun and looking through his nylon mask, I noticed his old torn up shoes.
When he noticed I saw his shoes and with my employees comments, he ran away.
I was shaking trying to get the keys in the car, and my employee was getting a lift from me, I said "Have you gone crazy"!!
"Well" she said, "we didn't have money in our purses"? I said "NO" you said "you might as well shoot us!!.
I have to get the police, she says quickly, "please drop me off at home first". OH my gosh, she is crazy.
So like a good manager I took her home and then drove myself shaking to the police station.
I told the police about the old shoes he had on, and I said I really think that gun was a fake.
Report was done and I forgot about it, til one day the police investigating the case, came to my work place.
He pulled me aside, we have caught the guy. Reliefed he also said he robbed several grocery stores, a bank, and the gun was real.
At that very moment my knees buckled, and I thought what my employee had said.
To this day, I wonder if he was scared of us, cause we kept not wanting to do anything he said.
Or when he heard my employee say " you might as well shoot us".......and ran.
Whatever it was, that gun was real, and I thank God for being alive.
I have moved on, my employee married (I was at wedding) and I have never heard from her.
Funny in a sense, but dangerous was the theme here.

Jul 7, 2010

Gifts of Love


“One of the hardest things in life is watching the person you love, love someone else.”

Kissable Gift here


“One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter.”

Love Stickers here

Jul 5, 2010

Love is....

Love is in constant potential and sometimes the
mind is the last to know.
But the heart may sense from across the room,
from across worlds,that the beloved is approaching
and the journey of another lifetime is about to begin.

S&O Levene

Jul 4, 2010

Unspoken Sounds of a Heart ©

Unspoken Sounds of a Heart ©LY

My heart is filled with songs
some are happy
some are sad

Hear the flute
soaring high with happiness
as the blood rushes to the beat

*His eyes speaking the music
that is in my heart...

I feel every sound he plays
so deep.....etched in my heart

A one time song that makes your heart cry
For the song ends with an unspoken sound

*His eyes speaking the music
that is in my heart...

The unspoken notes of wonder....
sounding from the chimes....
Listen to the wind....from the wood

*His eyes speaking the music
that is in my heart...

Knowing all music must end...
Knowing in my heart....
all songs have an ending...

The saddness in my heart crys...

*His eyes speaking the music
that is in my heart...

By:Linda Yildiz©

This poem song is owned by me.©(Linda Yildiz)
My inspiration was a guy from South America.
Same type band. He played same instrument of love.
I was at these events many many times.
Each and everytime he played his instrument his eyes were on my eyes, piercing my heart. true story.

Listen to a similar song(sounds)of the music that inspired my heart and soul.

Now go back read it again, but with the video on....

Find comfort here